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Academic Essay WritingAcademic Essay writing aims to change the reader’s idea of a topic based on supporting evidence. Academic essay writing should answer a particular question or provide details about a particular task.

All good academic essays should have a thesis statement which names the topic and gives the controlling to some kind of question or proposed argument. Moreover, when penning academic essays try you should try to present or discuss ideas closely related to the thesis statement using a set of closely related main points using reasoning and evidence.

An academic essay must include relevant examples, supporting detail and evidence using information gathered from academic readings or credible sources. An essay written this way is far more interesting and really address the topic with ideas that show your argument.

Essay academic writing is no more difficult than creating a paragraph, however, it does take longer, because of the need to do more planning and organizing. When writing an academic essay make sure you follow the essay process laid out in my eBook “Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills“.

An essay written using the 5 step essay writing process is by far more superior, than an essay written with out any plan. Remember the PDCA Cycle. It apples to essay academic writing as much as any other process.

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