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Academic Writing Skills ESL Student Academy User Guide

The Academic Writing Skills ESL student academy user guide was written for community members and others who wish use the services and features of our academic writing skills ESL student academy.

The AWS Student Academy was established in June, 2013, and is specifically designed for non English speaking ESL students wanting to improve their English academic writing for esl students. It offers a variety of services including a free academic writing submission process for ESL students wanting to display their work. Others can comment, make suggestions, or use the information themselves. It also includes a paid featured article service and paid tutorial service along with other products associated to English Language learning.

Most ESL courses these days focus on a number of things related to English skills. However, we focus only on academic writing skills, as we believe this is one of the most important aspects to a successful university degree.

As a Business, AWS Student Academy is expanding. This short user guide answers the questions of new or existing customers about the Academic Writing Skills (AWS) Student Academy.

The eBook is specifically designed to show the services and features of AWS Student skills development academy.

Authors Epilogue

Throughout my working career, I have noticed the need to make sure we write with understanding and clarity for our readers. During my 30 years in the telecommunications industry, it was necessary for me to learn writing techniques associated to reports, documentation, process, and business strategy development. Of course, these are not the only reasons to learn English academic writing skills, but business and career reasons are by far a strong incentive to learn and understand good writing techniques.

After I moved to Cambodia, in 2010, to teach English at well renowned university to undergraduates, I noticed a distinct lack of understanding of the writing process, even-though, I had been told it was similar to English academic writing principles and guidelines. This could be due to a non-English speakers command of English, or it could be due to cultural norms or language differences, or maybe it’s related to the way books try to explain ideas and concepts. I’m not really sure, however, it’s probably a combination of these things and many more. What i am sure of is a greater emphasis should be placed on academic English writing skills when teaching English as a second language.

Most teaching books are written in a format that is sometimes above the level of understanding of non English speakers, or perhaps not culturally relevant to their learning environment. They assume the student is learning in the country they have migrated to. However, in Asian countries, this is simply not the case.

The Asian student is learning English skills for a multitude of reasons; Not the least being to migrate. One major reason is academic study, so it is necessary to ensure that non English speakers clearly understand the skills for academic writing, in order for them to enter university with the required knowledge to succeed.

My academic writing books have been written with that in mind. The concept is to provide or supplement other learning materials in a condensed version to give ESL students a quick guide to the necessary academic writing skills.

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