Developing Academic Writing Skills in English for ESL Students

Developing Academic Writing Skills in English for ESL Students

Developing Academic Writing Skills
AWS ESL Student Academy: Developing academic English writing skills

Studies in 2004 and 2006 show the development of academic writing skills is essential to student success in secondary and post secondary education. In addition, it showed that these skills have a large impact on the their jobs. The survey stated that writing problems now impose significant costs on public and private organizations, including post secondary institutions.

While some may fear that developing academic writing skills could be tedious and boring. I believe developing a students thinking is critical for their development. Our academic writing skills eBooks focus on developing academic writing skills through the general theories of English academic writing.

We explore academic writing in by English literacy development of International ESL high school and university learners . We also give specific kinds of academic writing in terms of the styles of academic writing. In particular, we discuss in detail a number of academic writing skills regarded in the disciplines of language and education.

The academic writing eBooks are directed towards developing academic writing skills from reading authentic technical texts, learning to write paragraphs, reports, and essays.

Our AWS student academy provides many features to help in developing academic writing skills in English as a second language. The paragraph writing eBook, “Academic Writing for Graduate Students”, will allow students to develop higher level skills of argument and critical thinking as well as developing academic writing skills and research capability for university entrance. Of course, their university course will develop these skills further, but our academic writing handbook will offer a great foundation and support for regular English classes.

Using the AWS Student Academy, students are able to send their academic articles to our content directory for free. We do give feedback on content submitted. We also give other paid services in the form of tutoring in English academic writing. Prior to the final submission for marking, students can use Turnitin, which is a useful tool to support students in developing academic writing skills by giving them early feedback on unacceptable levels of similarity. Turnitin also supports instructors and educators in developing academic writing skills to detect plagiarism. We are trying to promoting academic integrity among ESL students, teachers, and educators. Turnitin is one way students can check their academic articles.

Developing academic writing skills takes a long time. There is no “one best way” to develop academic writing skills. It all comes down to process. Study skills for academic writing and always practice academic article writing using the academic writing process outlined in our academic writing handbook.

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