Why do ESL Students dislike writing English essays?

Why do ESL Students dislike writing English essays?

writing English essaysAcademic English writing is by far one of the most feared  second language activities among most ESL students. Writing English essay academically is not easy for ESL students to really like because there are specific guidelines and rules that ESL students everywhere try to learn. However, they do not clearly understand the academic English writing norms; Thus, ESL learners can dislike, fear or even hate Academic English writing.

Below are some reasons why ESL students  balk at or run away from learning academic writing skills. If you overcome these points then you will be more successful in understanding and using English academic writing standards.

Fear of Rejection!

How would you feel if you spent many hours and sleepless nights writing your perfect essay or academic paper only to be criticized by your professor or instructor? It  would not be much fun, would it?This kind of negative feedback causes you to worry about writing more than you really should, instead of focusing on the feedback and correcting your errors.  Most times, your professors or instructors criticize, albeit the wrong way, to help you understand what you need to focus on when writing English essays. Remember, professors do have high expectations, so overcome that fear and get into learning mode instead.

Conducting Research is Tough!

Academic writing is reasonably difficult because you have to create something that comes from your thoughts or ideas. To write the best quality essay or even a term paper, you have to conduct a thorough research to find and weigh up the important details of a topic. You have to write using English academic standards to show your ability to produce arguments to prove or disprove your own opinions using examples. These aspects can make research particularly challenging when writing an academic essay, so it is another reason students dislike writing English essays or academic papers. Enjoy your research activities as a means of learning and gaining knowledge or developing opinions on subjects you know little about.

Error Free Essays!

The next reason why ESL students dislike academic writing is they need to write with a purpose in mind. Not all ESL students possess good English writing skills where they can create the perfect essay with minimal grammatical and spelling errors. Most ESL students create silly punctuation, grammatical,and spelling mistakes, and their vocabulary is sometimes lacking. This means a substandard essay which is not to their liking. Thus, this creates a third reason why ESL students dislike writing English essays. Errors are a means of learning. Make sure you understand your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

If you are one of those ESL Students who dislikes or fears writing academic essays and papers because of these reasons, the good news is you can change if you want to meet your academic goals. By being aware of these reasons and following my advice, you can actually improve your skills in academic English writing.

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