How to Create and Structure an Academic Writing Paper

Structure an Academic Writing Paper

How to Write and Structure an Academic Paper
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Nick Fox, University of Sheffield.

Structure an Academic Writing PaperIn one writers opinion, there are at least 2 kinds of abbreviations, one is the so-called terminologies(or jargons?) which are too verbose for us to write all the alphabet in the words every time. Though some of them have already been well-known in daily life(e.g., MP3, PDF), for others we are told to use the full name of the phrase and add the abbreviation in a parenthesis as its first occurrence and then use them in the following paragraphs. The other group is about those abbreviations that are more commonly used in informal situations, such “a.k.a”, “e.g.”. Though several of them have already been used in a number of papers, like “e.g.”, “et al”, “etc”, “i.e.”, in most cases writers should hesitate to use them in academic writing papers or other academic articles.

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Why The Academic Paper Isn’t Producing Better Writers

For as long as I can remember the structure of an English argument paper has been ingrained in my mind. You have your intro where your thesis resides oftentimes in the last sentence. Then you have your body paragraphs.…