Improve Academic Writing Skills for ESL Students

Improve Academic Writing Skills for ESL Students

Improve Academic Writing Skills
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For all types of writing, students learn the key steps: planning, organizing, drafting, revising and editing, and writing the last copy to improve academic writing. Students learn that each step in the process plays a critical role in improving their academic writing skills, and they also learn to organize their thinking before writing, review and analyze grammar structures as they seem in academic writing, and build vocabulary skills. These are the basics for any non-English speaking ESL Student to improve academic writing skills.

From reviewing our academic writing book, several key observations can be made for ESL students wishing to improve academic writing skills. Follow this advice when you are using our “Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills” skills handbook.

  • Do not worry about what you are writing. You can include all possible thoughts, perspectives, or ideas at any stage of the process.
  • Do not try complete all your writing in one sitting. Complete the writing exercise in two to three sitting (this will help you with the flow of fresh idea each time).
  • Always print what you have written, and read it at least three or four times. When you have read the print out, start identifying the main points (do not worry about sequence or structure at this point of time).
  • Group the related ideas under a class or point for the topic.
  • Structure you idea in a sequence (depending upon the topic), and get rid of unnecessary words, phrases, or sentences (this process might take a few edits, but don’t lose your patience).
  • Write it again!
  • Print it again (not on computer screen, on paper), and re-read it to make sure you have a flow in your sequence.
  • Always get someone to peer edit like a friend, colleague, or family member, and review the grammar and content.

This process to improve academic writing skills is a generalized set of ideas which is outlined in our academic writing skills guide, but by following a process for a few times, you will start to get a feel of what is good English academic writing is and what bad academic writing is. Most bad academic writing lacks structure and is full of unnecessary information. The writing process, and other English academic writing principles are covered comprehensively in our Academic Writing Skills book, “Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills”.

Other tips I can offer to improve academic writing are read different genres to get some idea about them, practice writing, have some guidance from people who are good at it, and before writing do some research on the topic. Remember this:

  • Stay on topic!
  • Have an introduction paragraph for the first paragraph.
  • Have a conclusion paragraph for the last paragraph.
  • Have facts in between the introduction and conclusion.
  • Do not give opinions (unless it is an opinion essay).
  • Use quotes, examples and other facts.
  • Review it finished, then edit it again if necessary.
  • Make sure your academic article is coherent.
  • Big words should be used, but don’t use them in every sentence. Use them sparingly or you may be confusing.
  • Keep each paragraph at around 5 sentences.

All of our English academic writing books are designed to improve academic writing skills of ESL students for university entrance requirements. These tips and ideas are what you should be practicing to improve academic writing skills.

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