Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills for Graduate Students Reviewed

Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills for Graduate Students Reviewed

From Sabrey Morn

practical academic essay writing skills for graduate studentsI was searching though the Amazon Kindle store the other day and came across a writing skills eBook entitled Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills for Graduate Students (Stephen E. Dew, Amazon, 2013.) I was drawn to the cover, so I decided to buy it. The eBook is in fact the first in a series called Academic Writing Skills. It was clearly written with the non-English speaking university graduate or undergraduate in mind. After reading it, I decided to write a review for those people interested in English Academic Writing. The book does offer several advantages related to paragraph essentials for non-English speakers.

Firstly, Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills for Graduate Students, covers areas such as paragraph organization and paragraph structure. In addition, the academic essay writing author also discusses paragraph format for both written and typed essays or paragraphs. Besides paragraph format, organisation, and structure, it also covers more comprehensively the areas of capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure. Another plus is it address transition signals within paragraphs. The last part of the how to write academic English details the process which has the essential steps to creating a good paragraph. This section covers five basics steps in English Academic writing for the target audience.

  • Step 1 – Prewite
  • Step 2 – Organise
  • Step 3 – Write a first draft
  • Step 4 – Peer review and edit
  • Step 5 – Write a final copy

Secondly, Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills for Graduate Students does not contain any exercises. This appears to be done on purpose as the author has said, “ESL learners get plenty of practice in the classroom.” However, the book does contain plenty of examples that are easy to understand.

The last advantage is this eBook was written to support the ESL learner outside the classroom. It includes a comprehensive “How to” for academic essay writing skills, and it is easy use. Moreover, students can refer to the book anytime and anywhere though portable electronic devices when they need it.

The one downside of this eBook is its tables. The author would have done better to convert the tables into images for a better user experience.

In summary, “Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills for Graduate Students” offers several advantages for any non-English speaking learner who wishes to have good academic writing skills for university entrance. The book is only about 50 pages, but it is concise and written with the graduate and under graduate in mind. Although the tables could be formatted better, Academic Writing for Graduate Students offers the typical English skill areas, but its main advantages are the essay academic writing process, and the fact that it is portable. I am looking forward to the essay writing process eBook in the Academic Writing Skills series which should be out in July.

Watch the quick video to see the advantages of the academic essay writing book.

I say:

Certainly a pretty good wrap! I knew about the tables, but haven’t had time to fix them, yet! I will do this as soon as I finish my second book. Thanks Sabrey.