Study Skills for ESL Academic Writing Students

Study Skills for ESL Academic Writing

Study Skills for ESL Academic WritingHow can I make sure my hard work pays off?

If you are embarking on a program of study skills for ESL academic writing then you’ve come to right place. Developing the right study skills for ESL academic writing is an absolute requirement that you must foster. The process of writing English academically is certainly a long journey, but well worth going on to grow professionally and become successful at university.

Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills” provides the basics for any ESL student to study English academic writing successfully for university. A strong degree opens up career paths and increases your earning potential. More than anything else, a good degree brings freedom to choose, to change direction, and to follow-up exciting options.

Study skills for academic writing can be developed though our Academic Writing Skills series. These books provide information on English grammar, paragraph and essay strategies, and mechanics. These are 3 areas of study skills that we consider important for ESL learners when they enter college or university.

I can tell you that some of the greatest minds in theory whether it be physics, psychology, philosophy, or biology were also the most successful authors. Why? Because these people developed study skills  at an early age. They were able to write and present the most complex of theories from learning skills at an early age through years of study. However, even the most popular theory stripped of its complexity, has nothing new in the place it holds. These people are word smiths because of their developed skills.

Whether you go on to further study or not, people will still look at whether your first degree was a good one. Based on my experience teaching English academic writing to ESL students, I can safely say the structure and content of  “Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills” addresses an ESL learners needs when learning how to write English academically. The use of electronic sources and virtual books such as our book series are all a necessary tool in anyone’s toolbox. If you are an undergraduate or graduate, this book will help you to reap the rewards for the time and investment you expend developing study skills for ESL academic writing for your BA.

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