Writing English Sentences: Using have basics and articles

Writing English Sentences: Using have basics and articles

using have basicsUsing have basics and articles is the fifth article in the series Writing English Sentences. It deals specifically with the basics of sentence patterns for the verb “have”.

Verb have

  1. Have and has can both be used to show possession and are important in making the ‘perfect tenses’.
  2. Had is the past tense of both ‘has’ and ‘have’.
  3. Using adjectives before the object is common place.


Have is used with pronouns and plural nouns.

For example:
I have a fantastic English tutor.
You have food on your mouth.
We have diner at 8.
Teachers have an easy  job.


Has is used with the third person singular.

For example:
He has a wonderful smile.
She has a new dress.
The dish washer has a leak.
It has a hole near the top.


I have = I’ve
you have = you’ve
we have = we’ve
they have = They’ve
he has = he’s
it has = it’s

Negative contractions

has not = hasn’t
have not = haven’t
had not = hadn’t

Have and has in questions

Have you been to Cambodia?
Has John gone home yet?
Who has my book?
Has anyone seen my iPad?

using have basics

Using articles “a” or “an”

  • Use an a or an in front of singular nouns even if there is an adjective in front of the noun.
  • Do not use an a or an in front of plural nouns. Plural noun tip is look for nouns ending in -s;
  • If the noun is not singular or plural (usually un-count nouns), then do not use an a or an in front of the noun.

Using have basics and articles exercise

Use have or has to make these sentences true.

  1. She ___ a lot of work.
  2. They ___ a busy night tonight.
  3. Cambodia ___ a very interesting history.
  4. They___ drunk all the wine!
  5. The teachers ___ to leave at 7:30.
  6. Now that she’s older, she ___ to help her father.
  7. The girls ___ been here all day.
  8. Others ___ no say in the matter.
  9. ___ you got a minute?
  10. ___ it stopped blowing, yet?

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