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Academic Writing for Graduate Students is series of academic writing skills guides for International ESL high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. The series of academic writing handbooks were designed as a supplementary guide to support the IELTS and ESL students’ regular English classes. As an electronic academic writing handbook for your apple, android, kindle, or PC, it can be carried anywhere, and referenced anytime as your paragraph or essay quick reference guide.

Academic Writing for Graduate Students FEATURES!

Academic Writing for Graduate Students is mainly an academic paragraph writing skills guide for International ESL undergraduate students.

The book is the first in a series of academic writing skills handbooks for international undergraduates, graduates, and high school students.

Academic Writing for Graduate Students was designed as supplementary guide to support IELTS and ESL students’ regular English classes.

As an electronic academic handbook for your apple, android, kindle, or PC, it can be carried anywhere, and referenced anytime as your paragraph writing quick reference guide.

It specifically addresses academic paragraph writing skills and development.

In particular, it covers what academic writing is, paragraph format and structure, and paragraph organisation.

In addition, it covers more comprehensively the areas of capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.

The last part, the Academic Writing Process, details the essential steps to create a mature and confident academic paragraph writer.

Priced for the student at $2.99 US from Amazon.

Academic Writing for Graduate Students


Academic Writing for Graduate Students TESTIMONIALS

  • Sarah Jayne – Amazon Verified Purchase – Great Read! A clear concise instructional text on how to produce academic writing. Credit to the author for making this book so easy to follow.
  • Kim – Amazon Verified Purchase – Even if you are not a graduate student, this book is a fantastic resource! It’s like taking English class all over again, except it is in a concise form that anyone can reference at any time. English grammar is so important to have a solid understanding about, even if you only write an occasional letter or email. When that time comes and you need to write to a business, it is important to sound intelligent. Of course, graduate students can get a lot from this book as well. It is a perfect resource for everyone. It is very well written and informative.
  • Cody – Amazon Verified Purchase – It is very well written and informative! He was able to convey his teachings into words. This makes an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in learning how to write eloquently. Thumbs up!
  • Teresa – I really enjoyed this book, I found it very helpful and interesting. I Look forward to reading and learning from more books in this series. Really good read!

Academic Writing for Graduate Students LOOK INSIDE

An Academic Writing Skills Handbook for International ESL Students by Stephen E. Dew

Throughout my working career, I have noticed the need to make sure we write with understanding and clarity for our readers. During my 30 years in the telecommunications industry, it was necessary for me to learn techniques associated to report writing, documentation writing, process writing, and writing for business strategy development. Of course, these aren’t the only reasons to learn academic writing, but business and career reasons are by far a strong incentive to learn and understand good writing techniques. After I moved to Cambodia, in 2010, to teach English at well renowned university to undergraduates, I noticed a distinct lack of understanding of the writing process, even-though, I had been told it was similar to English academic writing principles and guidelines. This could be due to a non-English speakers command of English, or it could be due to cultural norms or language differences, or maybe it’s related to the way books try to explain ideas and concepts. I’m not really sure, however, it’s probably a combination of these things and many more. What i am sure of is a greater emphasis should be placed on academic writing skills when teaching English as a second language. Most teaching books are written in a format that is sometimes above the level of understanding of non English speakers, or perhaps not culturally relevant to their learning environment. They assume the ESL student is learning in the country they have migrated to. However, in Asian countries, the ESL student is learning English for a multitude of reasons; Not the least being to migrate. One major reason is academic study, so it is necessary to ensure that non English speakers clearly understand the techniques for academic writing, in order for them to enter university with the required knowledge to succeed. This book has been written with that in mind. The concept is to provide or supplement other learning materials in a condensed version to give ESL students a quick guide to the necessary academic writing skills. I have taught Academic writing to ESL students for over 3 years now and feel well qualified to provide the following reference material as quick guide to academic writing. The great thing about this book is ESL students around the world can carry it anywhere by using their android, apple, or kindle devices. What a great resource to have when you need it! I wish anyone who is reading and using this guide the best of luck in improving their English academic writing skills. However, In saying that, its not up to luck so much as dedication, hard work, and an a personal interest in good writing skills. PS. Although I have included some examples for clarity, I have intentionally left out practice exercises, as that is not the intention of this guide. International ESL students will get plenty of practice in their regular classes, so this was written to supplement those classes with easy to read reference material.

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Academic Writing for Graduate Students only contains rules, examples, and simple explanations written by an experienced TESOL instructor, which is based on his learning in the classroom. Academic Writing for Graduate Students is by far one of the more condensed versions of paragraph writing skills that you can take with you anywhere. This unique academic writing skills guide is a must have for any non English speaking student who wishes to have good academic writing skills for university entrance.


Academic Writing for Graduate Students

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