Academic Writing Skills Series for ESL Students

Academic Writing Skills Series for ESL Students

Academic Writing Skills is series of academic writing handbooks for ESL International students, which includes high school, undergraduate, and graduate students as well as mature age students. Academic Writing Skills Series  

The series of ESL academic writing handbooks is designed as a supplementary guide to support the IELTS and ESL students’ regular English classes. As electronic handbooks for your apple, android, kindle reader, or PC, it can be carried anywhere and referenced anytime as your paragraph writing or essay academic writing quick reference guide. Simply download your kindle reader app in the format you require from Amazon and install it to read the books.

It specifically addresses topic like:

The main benefits to ESL students include:

  • Improved knowledge on paragraph essentials and sentence structure.
  • Improved basic English essay writing knowledge and skills.
  • Look much more adept and professional in your academic English writing.
  • Show your classmates how easy English academic writing really is.
  • Impressing your professor at university or your regular English class.
  • Boosting your self-confidence in English academic writing.

Moreover, your grades will improve. Let’s face it. That’s what you want, isn’t it? APPLY the learning and get the results you want! It’s all up to you once you have finished reading these books. This is really something you can use. Its clearly explained, and the author offers contact for questions within his books. Watch the video, and decide where you want to start.

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Essay Writing Process for ESL Students

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Improve academic English writing skills for second language learners