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The author, Stephen E. Dew (1957), is a veteran of 33 years in the Telecommunication Industry from Australia. He obtained an Associate Diploma in Engineering in 1997 and achieved several units towards a Graduate Certificate in Management by 2004. Having relocated back to Perth, after 5 Yeas in Melbourne writing strategic papers for his business unit, he settle in Bedford, Perth and began writing as hobby. In 2008, he left the Telecommunications sector and traveled SE Asia. He finally settled in Cambodia, where he obtained TESOL qualifications in 2010 and a Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Applied Management in 2011. He taught English Academic Writing to Khmer ESL students at a well renowned university in Phnom Penh for over 5 years, and finally moved back to Perth, Western Australia. He now he works for Edith Cowan University marking PELA English papers. Stephen is married and enjoys time with family, teaching, and writing, which are three of his passions. For more information about the author and his books visit Amazon Author Central

Building Your Essay Writing Capability

Building Your Essay Writing Capability

Building your essay writing capability really comes down to one thing. What I mean is you can attend every class, study as much as you need, and try to learn a gambit of English grammar to be a successful writer for university and beyond. However, the main thing to remember is ” Practise, Practise, Practise.” Without practise we will not succeed.
building your essay writing capability


It is accurate to say that something you do more of and over and over, you are likely to master it. Similarly, academic essay writing is also something that calls for work and practice prior to a flawless draft surprising your professor. Some students who are gifted can write extended essays with out much trouble due to their innate capability. However, some students require to work incredibly hard to make their English academic writing acceptable.

Anyone can come up with high quality essay depending the efforts they put in. You can to! There is no magic stick that can make your English essays an overnight success.

Below are some valuable guidelines on building your essay writing capabilities, so you stand out. Think about them!

Create, Write and Create

  • write more,  and I mean much more. The much more you practice writing the better you will become. Initially, it will be tough, but with sincere dedication, you can make it without any doubt.
  • Make a habit of writing anything on a everyday basis. You can create articles about how you spend your time.
    What do you do on a daily basis?
    What is it that interests you?
    Write about your passions, likes and dislikes. For example, if you have passion for sports, write bout it. If you are into pets, write about the types of pets and your favorite pets. If you like gardening write about hydroponics.
  • Reading aids a lot when it comes to writing essays. The more you read the more ideas you will get, and you will be able to write essays with a lot more authority. Reading also provides you a lot of alternative topics.

Practise building your writing capability with these principal ideas.

For more support and information, please visit AWS ESL Student Academy or visit AWS Student Academy on Facebook.

by Stephen E. Dew
TESOL Instructor and
Author Academic Writing Skills Series

ESL Homework Writing Assignment Ideas

ESL Homework Writing Assignment Ideas

An ESL homework writing assignment is frequent  in academic settings. Tutors and instructors use homework writing assignments to asses the student’s understanding in class and from class and develop a certain expertise among them. Here are some tips to proceed.

When you are faced with an ESL homework writing assignment, the very first issue you must do is follow the homework instructions. Study the directions carefully in order to understand what is required of you. When you have understood the question, you should have a good idea on how to proceed.

Most homework writing assignments require students to answer questions of what they have learnt in class, write an essay, or respond to a particular way or situation.

When writing your ESL homework writing assignment, you are also expected to write academically. Homework papers are as essential as other academic papers, and as a result, formal language must be used.

Numerous errors will decrease the quality of you homework paper. Thus, you should guarantee that there are no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors in your writing. It is also the expectation of your tutor that homework writing must reflect  your reasoning and not replicate another author’s ideas as this is plagiarism. Plagiarism is not acceptable when writing your homework and might attract critical penalties when found.

In addition, finishing off your ESL homework writing assignment may possibly  require you to conduct some kind of study. You must make sure that your homework questions have been effectively analyzed and presented in your paper through research.

At the AWS ESL Student Academy we have numerous courses for you to develop your academic English writing capabilities. We have a great free course on Summary writing which is another useful way to get the results for your ESL homework writing assignments.

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by Stephen E. Dew
TESOL Wiring Instructor and
Author Academic Writing Skills

Writing English Sentences: Stative Verbs

Writing English Sentences: Stative Verbs

Stative verbs is the fourth article in the series Writing English Essays.

Stative Verbs

Stative verbs define describe a condition or situation that exists. They do not show any actions, and are followed by adjectives.

For example:
He appears angry. (Angry is a condition, and it is followed by an adjective.)
He doesn’t look happy. )Happy is a condition, and it is an adjective.)

 Here is a table of some commonly used stative verbs.

stative verbs

There is / There are

There is / There are shows that something exists like a thing or an idea. we usually give more information by adding a prepositional phrase of location (place) or adverb to the sentence. The subject of the sentence with there is / there are follows the verb.

For example;
There is a new teacher at our school.
There are some children in the park.

The usage of there is / there are is quite easy to understand. In this post there is a mind map, a worksheet and two games to help you or your students.

stative verbs

Writing English Sentences: Stative verbs exercise.

Add the correct verb – be for these there is / there are sentences.

  1. Near my house, there _____ a playground.
  2. There _____ some children in the playground.
  3. There _____ a small boy on the swing.
  4. There _____ some noisy girls on the slide.
  5. On the playground seat, there _____ two mothers.
  6. In the tree, there _____ a magpie.
  7. There _____ any fathers in the playground.
  8. There _____ a security guard by the entrance of the playground.
  9. There _____ coffee shop in the playground.

Author Stephen E. Dew

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  2. To read the second article follow the link to Writing English Essays: Parts of Speech.
  3. To read the third article follow the link to Writing English Essays: Verb be.

Writing English Sentences: Verb – be

Writing English Sentences: Verb – be

Verb – be is the third article in the series Writing English Essays.

  1. To read the first article follow the link to Writing English Essays: What is a Sentence?
  2. To read the second article follow the link to Writing English Essays: Parts of Speech.

The Verb – be

verb - be

Subject Verb agreement with verb “be”

Basic Rule. A singular subject (she, Bill, car) takes a singular verb (is, goes, shines), whereas a plural subject takes a plural verb.

For example:  The list of books is/are on the desk.
If you know that list is the subject, then you will choose is for the verb because list is singular and is is singular. We will cover a lot more about subject verb agreement in another post.

Sentence patterns with verb “be”

Most sentences with the verb be have some other information after the be verb.

  • Some sentences have a noun or noun phrase. These tell us another word for the subject of the sentence. This tells us who or what is the subject.

For example: John is my classmate. (Who is John?)
For example: The Altantic is an ocean.  (What is the Alantic?)

  • Some have an adjective or adjective phrase. These tell us what the subject (person or thing) is like.  They answer thee question what was the subject (person or thing) like.

For example: The river is deep. (What is the river like?)
For example: Phnom Penh is bustling and interesting. (What is Phnom Penh like?)

  • Some have a prepositional phrase. These answer the question where. They give a location or place of the subject. When more than one prepositional phrase is used, it’s called an adverb phrase.

For example: The book is on the table. (Where is the book?)
For example: Sydney is on the east coast of Australia. (Where is Sydney?)

Writing English Essays: verb – be subject verb agreement.

Answer the following question with am is/isn’t, or are to show subject verb agreement of the verb – be.

  1. I _____ from Perth.
  2. Perth _____ a city on the west coast of Australia.
  3. It _____ the capital of Western Australia, but it _____ the capital of Australia.
  4. It _____ a progressive, modern city, and it _____ popular for Asian tourists.
  5. The weather ____ temperate, and the people _____ friendly.
  6. I ____ proud of my city.

Author Stephen E. Dew on Amazon.

Improve writing skills capabilities

Improve writing skills capabilities

 improve writing skills capabilities
[Stephen E. Dew] cseeman talks about how communicate effectively and improve writing skills capabilities. He points out the need for good academic writing skills by using an example in today’s business environment.

by cseeman

In today’s business globe there is no substitute for great writing. How efficiently you communicate your brand, and the quality of your written communication with buyers or consumers, will have a direct effect on the accomplishment of your business. Regardless of what market you are in, improving your writing expertise is a worthwhile investment. As technology and the methods of communication alter, so as well do the writing capabilities that are necessary to make certain clear, powerful and effective communication.

 If you’re not positive whether or not your staffs’ writing abilities (or your personal) are up to scratch, there are a number of writing and communication courses accessible to improve writing skills capabilities. Here’s a rundown of why writing abilities are so critical.
Ubiquity of e-mail. E-mail is the most well-liked and properly utilized kind of communication in today’s enterprise planet. As a medium, e-mail is fairly informal. This informality, and the ease of firing off an e-mail creates the danger of communicating with your clients in a way that is sloppy and unprofessional. E-mail communication with customers can be light and informal, but it’s critical to generate succinct, well-written correspondence that efficiently communicates your message.

Writing necessary in all fields. The written word is the basis of all business. Regardless of whether that is by means of a internet site, reports for customers, e-mail or other correspondence such as presentations and pitches, realizing how to create in a clear and engaging manner that is acceptable for your market place is vital to your achievement.

Get your preferred response. A well written report or concise and clear e-mail communication will aid to elicit the preferred response from consumers or buyers. Today’s workforce is time poor, producing it essential to write and communicate in a way that is clear and to the point (without getting distant). Make it easy for your buyers or clients to say yes by supplying easy to stick to communication.

Writing is behind all communication. Great writing is the basis of all other communication. Getting a excellent grasp of the written word will have an effect on your presentation abilities, your phone manner and your face-to-face presence in client meetings. Develop your other regions of communication by creating the decision to increase your writing.

Writing skills capabilities are essential in securing clear and productive communication with your customers or consumers. Investing in these abilities by means of instruction or brief courses is the best way to invest in continued achievement in your profession or for your enterprise.

Improve writing skills capabilities, or those of your team, by finding out how to write in a powerful manner that suits your business wants. Understand about writing with influence through quick courses.

 For more details check out

Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills: An International ESL Students English Essay Writing Book (Academic Writing Skills) (Volume 2)

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Phrases for Academic Essay Writing

Phrases for Academic Essay Writing

 phrases for academic essay writing
It is a well-recognized truth that a great academic writing is a outcome of normal practice, persistence, and instruction and uses established phrases for academic essay writing. Just before writing any kind of academic paper one is essential to acquaint oneself with major guidelines and substantial recommendations that need to have to be followed. Use these phrases for academic essay writing to enhance your conclusions.
Use Phrases for Academic Essay Writing
Apparently you realize that academic writing is an substantial element of each student life. Be attentive as not possessing the principal guidelines can lead a single to some fantastic problems and misunderstanding. A single ought to receive academic phrases for essay writing, that are the inevitable component if you wish to have achievement. It is a effectively-identified truth that there’s a large quantity of academic phrases for essay writing which a single can understand and use in the papers. Beneath you can find some of the academic phrases for essay writing that might be valuable to you.
  • This piece of function is divided into 4 chapters…
  • A single of the most critical arguments in favor of …. is…
  • There is a growing debate about…
  • It would also be interesting…
  • The initial aspect to point out is that…
  • Nevertheless 1 need to accept that…
  • There are at least xxx points to highlight…

This is only a small set of phrases for academic essay writing that will be valuable for your writing. It is great starting point. There are many more that you will develop as you improve your English academic essay writing.

In addition to using these phrases for academic essay writing, there are words you should avoid using when writing academic essays in English. I have included a photo from Grammarly showing 5 words to avoid in English academic essays.

phrases for academic essay writing

Academic Writing Skills series was developed by TESOL Instructor and Author Stephen E. Dew.

Writing English Sentences: Parts of Speech

Writing English Essays: Parts of Speech

Parts of speech is the second article in the series Writing English Sentences. To read the first article follow the link to Writing English Sentences: What is a Sentence?

Parts of Speech

The basic parts of speech are dived into prepositions, adjectives, and adverbs. Writers use these to make their sentences longer and to give more meaning or information about the subject and verb in the sentence.


Preposition are words, short words, that connect the ideas in an English sentence. Prepositions tell us about time, place, or reason. Prepositions are followed by nouns.

parts of speech


Adjectives answer the questions ” What kind of?” or “Which?” They give more detail or information about the noun used in a sentence. Good adjectives help readers see, feel, smell, hear, touch what you are describing. They are descriptive and used a lot in descriptive writing.

parts of speech


adverbs give more informatio aout verbs. It describes or modifies the verb in some way. It answers question like “How?”, “When?”, “Where?”, “How often?”, “What extent (how much or how long)?” Averbs are used to tell stories so readers can image how the event unfolds.

parts of speech

Parts of Speech

This is basic table, but the message is clear. These are just examples, but you can see some of the parts of parts of speech used academic English Writing.

-er, -or, -ar
teacher, actor, dollar
is/are + -ing
is developing, are developing
happy, funny, greasy, sleepy
softly, slowly
pharmacist, scientist
lived, passed
active, aggressive
forward, backward, upward, onward
nation, ration
-ic, -ical
academic, terrific
mathamatical, gramatical
government, establishment
wonderful, useful

Writing English Essays: Parts of Speech

State the parts of speech of the underlined words in the following sentences. They can be a preposition, adjective, noun, pronoun, adverb, verb, or interjection,

1. I bought a beautiful shirt at the market.
2. What did he ask you to say?
3. I left my bag under the desk.
4. If we finish our work quickly. Now, we can go to have a coffee.
5. On Sundays, I work from ten till four.
6. I want to go to a college in Australia.
7. I’m sure I have met your boyfriend before.
8. Well, I don’t think I will be here to answer the phone.
9. Andy knocked on the window, but nobody came to see.
10. After lunch, let’s go out to watch a movie.

Author Stephen E. Dew on Amazon.


How to Write Academic Essay Writing?

How to Write Academic Essay Writing?

An interesting article by ChimpLearnGood which explains the method of how to write academic essay writing over a large 2000 word, 8 paragraph essay. (Stephen E. Dew)

Write Academic Essay
An interesting article by ChimpLearnGood which explains the method of academic essay writing over a large 2000 word, 8 paragraph essay.

How to Write Academic Essay Writing?

Though, there is no challenging and quick rule about the standard way for essay writing, but here we will go over the feasible way for structuring the 2000 word academic essay. Academic essays are typically written to supply arguments, proves and affordable explanations that why A statement is greater than the B statement.

Now, let us appear on the formula for writing 2000 words academic essay writing .

For your assistance, we have divided the formula into eight paragraphs to show you how to write academic essay writing that will be consuming assumable 2000 words.


Very first paragraph

Writing academic essays are somewhat different from the rest of the essays however, the very first paragraph is of introduction like the rest. It starts with a tiny introduction about the topic nature which need to be followed by sturdier examples. The standard goal of the introduction would be to claim that will be proved in the coming academic essay. Moreover, you need to make sure that your academic essay is very clear and understanding with appropriate use of words and steer clear of making use of high pitch vocabulary for it would not help.

So, in academic essay introduction you should

1-Mention some points about the conclusion

2 -Supply a glimpse of what need to they anticipate in the physique paragraphs

3-Give a short description of the topic of your academic essay

4-Mention what is the issue.

Body paragraph:

Second and third paragraph:

Second paragraph will be supplying a theoretical overview about what ought to a reader except in the coming paragraphs, what is the aim of your academic essay writing? While the third paragraph would be consisting of your comments about the concern, you should determine the sources, mention what the authorities consider on the topic and also discuss what the causes of these issues are? And what are the feasible consequences etc. In a nutshell, craft these two paragraphs as such which shows a clear image of the topic and dilemma.

Fourth and fifth paragraph:

These two sections would be consisting of a detailed description about the topic incorporating the case research and empirical information. The little descriptions that have been illustrated in the introduction would be additional elaborated in these two paragraphs while you can also details from journal article to further improve the top quality of your academic essay.

Sixth and seventh paragraph:

Sixth and seventh paragraphs can be called as the critiques paragraphs for you will be delivering critical comments of what has been discussed but. This is exactly where you would be deciding whether you are going to talk about the current point or raise any option issues. At the finish , you would be attain the climax of the issue.


Eight paragraph:

Wrap up your perform in the conclusion by offering a statement that will connect back to the thesis statement, it will answer each and every query that was raised in the introduction and the physique paragraphs. In brief, you will be stating a short summary of complete academic essay .

Therefore, you need to know the distinction among an academic essay and other types of essays, follow the above told eight paragraph guideline and end up with a perfect academic essay.

Diana Nunez is a senior research writer and give help for Academic Essay and Academic Essays. Really feel free to make contact with for any sort of support in this regard.

For more details on writing an academic English essay see Author Stephen e. Dew Amazon author page.

Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills: An International ESL Students English Essay Writing Book (Academic Writing Skills) (Volume 2)

by Mr Stephen E Dew [CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform]
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