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Writing English Sentences: Using have basics and articles

Writing English Sentences: Using have basics and articles

using have basicsUsing have basics and articles is the fifth article in the series Writing English Sentences. It deals specifically with the basics of sentence patterns for the verb “have”.

Verb have

  1. Have and has can both be used to show possession and are important in making the ‘perfect tenses’.
  2. Had is the past tense of both ‘has’ and ‘have’.
  3. Using adjectives before the object is common place.


Have is used with pronouns and plural nouns.

For example:
I have a fantastic English tutor.
You have food on your mouth.
We have diner at 8.
Teachers have an easy  job.


Has is used with the third person singular.

For example:
He has a wonderful smile.
She has a new dress.
The dish washer has a leak.
It has a hole near the top.


I have = I’ve
you have = you’ve
we have = we’ve
they have = They’ve
he has = he’s
it has = it’s

Negative contractions

has not = hasn’t
have not = haven’t
had not = hadn’t

Have and has in questions

Have you been to Cambodia?
Has John gone home yet?
Who has my book?
Has anyone seen my iPad?

using have basics

Using articles “a” or “an”

  • Use an a or an in front of singular nouns even if there is an adjective in front of the noun.
  • Do not use an a or an in front of plural nouns. Plural noun tip is look for nouns ending in -s;
  • If the noun is not singular or plural (usually un-count nouns), then do not use an a or an in front of the noun.

Using have basics and articles exercise

Use have or has to make these sentences true.

  1. She ___ a lot of work.
  2. They ___ a busy night tonight.
  3. Cambodia ___ a very interesting history.
  4. They___ drunk all the wine!
  5. The teachers ___ to leave at 7:30.
  6. Now that she’s older, she ___ to help her father.
  7. The girls ___ been here all day.
  8. Others ___ no say in the matter.
  9. ___ you got a minute?
  10. ___ it stopped blowing, yet?

Author Stephen E. Dew

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Writing English Sentences: Stative Verbs

Writing English Sentences: Stative Verbs

Stative verbs is the fourth article in the series Writing English Essays.

Stative Verbs

Stative verbs define describe a condition or situation that exists. They do not show any actions, and are followed by adjectives.

For example:
He appears angry. (Angry is a condition, and it is followed by an adjective.)
He doesn’t look happy. )Happy is a condition, and it is an adjective.)

 Here is a table of some commonly used stative verbs.

stative verbs

There is / There are

There is / There are shows that something exists like a thing or an idea. we usually give more information by adding a prepositional phrase of location (place) or adverb to the sentence. The subject of the sentence with there is / there are follows the verb.

For example;
There is a new teacher at our school.
There are some children in the park.

The usage of there is / there are is quite easy to understand. In this post there is a mind map, a worksheet and two games to help you or your students.

stative verbs

Writing English Sentences: Stative verbs exercise.

Add the correct verb – be for these there is / there are sentences.

  1. Near my house, there _____ a playground.
  2. There _____ some children in the playground.
  3. There _____ a small boy on the swing.
  4. There _____ some noisy girls on the slide.
  5. On the playground seat, there _____ two mothers.
  6. In the tree, there _____ a magpie.
  7. There _____ any fathers in the playground.
  8. There _____ a security guard by the entrance of the playground.
  9. There _____ coffee shop in the playground.

Author Stephen E. Dew

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Writing English Sentences: Verb – be

Writing English Sentences: Verb – be

Verb – be is the third article in the series Writing English Essays.

  1. To read the first article follow the link to Writing English Essays: What is a Sentence?
  2. To read the second article follow the link to Writing English Essays: Parts of Speech.

The Verb – be

verb - be

Subject Verb agreement with verb “be”

Basic Rule. A singular subject (she, Bill, car) takes a singular verb (is, goes, shines), whereas a plural subject takes a plural verb.

For example:  The list of books is/are on the desk.
If you know that list is the subject, then you will choose is for the verb because list is singular and is is singular. We will cover a lot more about subject verb agreement in another post.

Sentence patterns with verb “be”

Most sentences with the verb be have some other information after the be verb.

  • Some sentences have a noun or noun phrase. These tell us another word for the subject of the sentence. This tells us who or what is the subject.

For example: John is my classmate. (Who is John?)
For example: The Altantic is an ocean.  (What is the Alantic?)

  • Some have an adjective or adjective phrase. These tell us what the subject (person or thing) is like.  They answer thee question what was the subject (person or thing) like.

For example: The river is deep. (What is the river like?)
For example: Phnom Penh is bustling and interesting. (What is Phnom Penh like?)

  • Some have a prepositional phrase. These answer the question where. They give a location or place of the subject. When more than one prepositional phrase is used, it’s called an adverb phrase.

For example: The book is on the table. (Where is the book?)
For example: Sydney is on the east coast of Australia. (Where is Sydney?)

Writing English Essays: verb – be subject verb agreement.

Answer the following question with am is/isn’t, or are to show subject verb agreement of the verb – be.

  1. I _____ from Perth.
  2. Perth _____ a city on the west coast of Australia.
  3. It _____ the capital of Western Australia, but it _____ the capital of Australia.
  4. It _____ a progressive, modern city, and it _____ popular for Asian tourists.
  5. The weather ____ temperate, and the people _____ friendly.
  6. I ____ proud of my city.

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Improve writing skills capabilities

Improve writing skills capabilities

 improve writing skills capabilities
[Stephen E. Dew] cseeman talks about how communicate effectively and improve writing skills capabilities. He points out the need for good academic writing skills by using an example in today’s business environment.

by cseeman

In today’s business globe there is no substitute for great writing. How efficiently you communicate your brand, and the quality of your written communication with buyers or consumers, will have a direct effect on the accomplishment of your business. Regardless of what market you are in, improving your writing expertise is a worthwhile investment. As technology and the methods of communication alter, so as well do the writing capabilities that are necessary to make certain clear, powerful and effective communication.

 If you’re not positive whether or not your staffs’ writing abilities (or your personal) are up to scratch, there are a number of writing and communication courses accessible to improve writing skills capabilities. Here’s a rundown of why writing abilities are so critical.
Ubiquity of e-mail. E-mail is the most well-liked and properly utilized kind of communication in today’s enterprise planet. As a medium, e-mail is fairly informal. This informality, and the ease of firing off an e-mail creates the danger of communicating with your clients in a way that is sloppy and unprofessional. E-mail communication with customers can be light and informal, but it’s critical to generate succinct, well-written correspondence that efficiently communicates your message.

Writing necessary in all fields. The written word is the basis of all business. Regardless of whether that is by means of a internet site, reports for customers, e-mail or other correspondence such as presentations and pitches, realizing how to create in a clear and engaging manner that is acceptable for your market place is vital to your achievement.

Get your preferred response. A well written report or concise and clear e-mail communication will aid to elicit the preferred response from consumers or buyers. Today’s workforce is time poor, producing it essential to write and communicate in a way that is clear and to the point (without getting distant). Make it easy for your buyers or clients to say yes by supplying easy to stick to communication.

Writing is behind all communication. Great writing is the basis of all other communication. Getting a excellent grasp of the written word will have an effect on your presentation abilities, your phone manner and your face-to-face presence in client meetings. Develop your other regions of communication by creating the decision to increase your writing.

Writing skills capabilities are essential in securing clear and productive communication with your customers or consumers. Investing in these abilities by means of instruction or brief courses is the best way to invest in continued achievement in your profession or for your enterprise.

Improve writing skills capabilities, or those of your team, by finding out how to write in a powerful manner that suits your business wants. Understand about writing with influence through quick courses.

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Phrases for Academic Essay Writing

Phrases for Academic Essay Writing

 phrases for academic essay writing
It is a well-recognized truth that a great academic writing is a outcome of normal practice, persistence, and instruction and uses established phrases for academic essay writing. Just before writing any kind of academic paper one is essential to acquaint oneself with major guidelines and substantial recommendations that need to have to be followed. Use these phrases for academic essay writing to enhance your conclusions.
Use Phrases for Academic Essay Writing
Apparently you realize that academic writing is an substantial element of each student life. Be attentive as not possessing the principal guidelines can lead a single to some fantastic problems and misunderstanding. A single ought to receive academic phrases for essay writing, that are the inevitable component if you wish to have achievement. It is a effectively-identified truth that there’s a large quantity of academic phrases for essay writing which a single can understand and use in the papers. Beneath you can find some of the academic phrases for essay writing that might be valuable to you.
  • This piece of function is divided into 4 chapters…
  • A single of the most critical arguments in favor of …. is…
  • There is a growing debate about…
  • It would also be interesting…
  • The initial aspect to point out is that…
  • Nevertheless 1 need to accept that…
  • There are at least xxx points to highlight…

This is only a small set of phrases for academic essay writing that will be valuable for your writing. It is great starting point. There are many more that you will develop as you improve your English academic essay writing.

In addition to using these phrases for academic essay writing, there are words you should avoid using when writing academic essays in English. I have included a photo from Grammarly showing 5 words to avoid in English academic essays.

phrases for academic essay writing

Academic Writing Skills series was developed by TESOL Instructor and Author Stephen E. Dew.

Writing English Sentences: Parts of Speech

Writing English Essays: Parts of Speech

Parts of speech is the second article in the series Writing English Sentences. To read the first article follow the link to Writing English Sentences: What is a Sentence?

Parts of Speech

The basic parts of speech are dived into prepositions, adjectives, and adverbs. Writers use these to make their sentences longer and to give more meaning or information about the subject and verb in the sentence.


Preposition are words, short words, that connect the ideas in an English sentence. Prepositions tell us about time, place, or reason. Prepositions are followed by nouns.

parts of speech


Adjectives answer the questions ” What kind of?” or “Which?” They give more detail or information about the noun used in a sentence. Good adjectives help readers see, feel, smell, hear, touch what you are describing. They are descriptive and used a lot in descriptive writing.

parts of speech


adverbs give more informatio aout verbs. It describes or modifies the verb in some way. It answers question like “How?”, “When?”, “Where?”, “How often?”, “What extent (how much or how long)?” Averbs are used to tell stories so readers can image how the event unfolds.

parts of speech

Parts of Speech

This is basic table, but the message is clear. These are just examples, but you can see some of the parts of parts of speech used academic English Writing.

-er, -or, -ar
teacher, actor, dollar
is/are + -ing
is developing, are developing
happy, funny, greasy, sleepy
softly, slowly
pharmacist, scientist
lived, passed
active, aggressive
forward, backward, upward, onward
nation, ration
-ic, -ical
academic, terrific
mathamatical, gramatical
government, establishment
wonderful, useful

Writing English Essays: Parts of Speech

State the parts of speech of the underlined words in the following sentences. They can be a preposition, adjective, noun, pronoun, adverb, verb, or interjection,

1. I bought a beautiful shirt at the market.
2. What did he ask you to say?
3. I left my bag under the desk.
4. If we finish our work quickly. Now, we can go to have a coffee.
5. On Sundays, I work from ten till four.
6. I want to go to a college in Australia.
7. I’m sure I have met your boyfriend before.
8. Well, I don’t think I will be here to answer the phone.
9. Andy knocked on the window, but nobody came to see.
10. After lunch, let’s go out to watch a movie.

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Turabian Academic Writing

Turabian Academic Writing

Turabian Academic Writing

Turabian academic writing is an simpler version of APA academic writing. It is evident that APA and MLA academic writings are made for papers that are meant for publishing. Turabian academic writing on the other hand is largely utilized by students when writing diverse sorts of academic papers. Turabian style papers are practically comparable to Chicago style papers but have only a few variations. There are specific requirements that one particular must hold in mind in the course of Turabian academic writing and some of the specifications will be discussed in this post.

1 of the essential specifications is that the header has to have page numbers paces in the upper proper hand corner of a Turabian style paper. The other point is that all Turabian style papers have title web page that consists of the student’s details like the instructor’s name. Following writing the title page, a writer must insert a blank web page prior to starting the actual Turabian academic writing. The other feature common with Turabian style papers is the use of in-text citations that ought to have references listed. The reference list consists of an acknowledgement of the author and the relevance of information contained in the reference with regard to the paper topic. The other function is that all Turabian style papers have footnotes and a bibliography page that lists or the sources of reference. Citation need to be inserted in the footnotes of Turabian style papers as nicely as in the reference page. It is important for writers to consist of the reference page on a page separate from the rest of the paper.

Students of various levels and taking distinct courses are given Turabian academic writing assignments which are supposed to be completed within a provided deadline. Some of these students lack the expertise and skills to write Turabian style papers and therefore face issues in terms of writing high quality papers and finishing assignments in time. Some do not know the standard steps that need to be followed and the essential needs for Turabian academic writing. It is for that reason vital for such students to locate a lasting remedy that can properly resolve the academic writing problems. One particular of such options is to get Turabian academic writing assist on the internet from custom writing organizations and writing sites.

The vast availability of writing organizations on the internet frequently tends to make students to be confused about the acceptable firm to get support from. This is due to the truth that all the offered businesses claim to offer high quality papers such as top quality custom Turabian style papers. The real or actual truth nevertheless is that most of those firms are untrustworthy and finish up spoiling a student’s reputation by provide below normal Turabian style papers that are unoriginal.

Our custom writing firm is the very best organization to get custom Turabian style papers from. This is due to the reality that the company has plagiarism detection application to make sure all custom papers such as custom Turabian style papers supplied to customers are 100% original and reliable. The other point is that our custom writing company has professional writer who are aware of all the recommendations and actions for writing custom Turabian style papers online. It is consequently advisable that students and any other client in require of custom Turabian style papers to decide on our firm. We by no means disappoint customers with regard to custom Turabian style papers writing assistance.

Author is associated with which is a worldwide Turabian Style  papers and Custom analysis Papers provider. If you would like aid in Turabian Style Writing and Purchase essays you can go to

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Why do ESL Students dislike writing English essays?

Why do ESL Students dislike writing English essays?

writing English essaysAcademic English writing is by far one of the most feared  second language activities among most ESL students. Writing English essay academically is not easy for ESL students to really like because there are specific guidelines and rules that ESL students everywhere try to learn. However, they do not clearly understand the academic English writing norms; Thus, ESL learners can dislike, fear or even hate Academic English writing.

Below are some reasons why ESL students  balk at or run away from learning academic writing skills. If you overcome these points then you will be more successful in understanding and using English academic writing standards.

Fear of Rejection!

How would you feel if you spent many hours and sleepless nights writing your perfect essay or academic paper only to be criticized by your professor or instructor? It  would not be much fun, would it?This kind of negative feedback causes you to worry about writing more than you really should, instead of focusing on the feedback and correcting your errors.  Most times, your professors or instructors criticize, albeit the wrong way, to help you understand what you need to focus on when writing English essays. Remember, professors do have high expectations, so overcome that fear and get into learning mode instead.

Conducting Research is Tough!

Academic writing is reasonably difficult because you have to create something that comes from your thoughts or ideas. To write the best quality essay or even a term paper, you have to conduct a thorough research to find and weigh up the important details of a topic. You have to write using English academic standards to show your ability to produce arguments to prove or disprove your own opinions using examples. These aspects can make research particularly challenging when writing an academic essay, so it is another reason students dislike writing English essays or academic papers. Enjoy your research activities as a means of learning and gaining knowledge or developing opinions on subjects you know little about.

Error Free Essays!

The next reason why ESL students dislike academic writing is they need to write with a purpose in mind. Not all ESL students possess good English writing skills where they can create the perfect essay with minimal grammatical and spelling errors. Most ESL students create silly punctuation, grammatical,and spelling mistakes, and their vocabulary is sometimes lacking. This means a substandard essay which is not to their liking. Thus, this creates a third reason why ESL students dislike writing English essays. Errors are a means of learning. Make sure you understand your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

If you are one of those ESL Students who dislikes or fears writing academic essays and papers because of these reasons, the good news is you can change if you want to meet your academic goals. By being aware of these reasons and following my advice, you can actually improve your skills in academic English writing.

Write your way to a BA with Academic Writing Skills series.

If you need to learn more about the English writing process then try our course IEWAP-EWP at the AWS ESL Student Academy.