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Hints to Improve parallel structure

Hints to Improve parallel structure

Improve Parallel structure, and assist in the comprehension of the reader. Parallel structure provides a flow to an essay which is easy to follow. When a writer uses transition signals, parallel structure, and a logical order, the reader can clearly follow what the writer intends to share or to prove. The combination of these three things we call coherence.

Watch the video from Simon, review the following slides, and then take the quiz to improve parallel structure.

improve parallel structureimprove parallel structureimprove parallel structureimprove parallel structureimprove parallel structureimprove parallel structure


Note: To improve parallel structure

  1. Repeat key words throughout an essay to help the reader keep focused on the topic.
  2. Use the same grammatical structures for phrases within lists, for example, noun endings.
  3. Transition signals within and between paragraphs can also assist writing parallel structure.

Quiz: improve parallel structure

1. When I was young, I loved to play in the rain, skip down the street, and _____ against the wind.
2. I still enjoy playing in the rain, skipping down the street, and _____ against the wind.
3. Mealea danced a dance and then _____ a song that took my breath away.
4. Mealea said she wanted to dance a dance and _____ a song that would take my breath away.
5. The children spent the afternoon playing party games, watching comedy DVD’s, and _____ birthday cake.
6. If you want to learn how to play games, watch DVD’s, or _____ cake, spend an afternoon with my children’s day their friends.
7. To make the best ham sandwich, begin by toasting two pieces of wholemeal bread and _____ a sweet onion.
8. I spread my time between my writing and my _____.
9. Giving is better than _____.
10. It is better to give than _____ _____.
11. People can hurt others not only by their actions but also by their _____.
12. My favourite hobbies include sleeping, eating, and _____ _____.
Hide the answers.

Answers: improve parallel structure.

Answers can vary. Typical answers have been provided.

Building Your Essay Writing Capability

Building Your Essay Writing Capability

Building your essay writing capability really comes down to one thing. What I mean is you can attend every class, study as much as you need, and try to learn a gambit of English grammar to be a successful writer for university and beyond. However, the main thing to remember is ” Practise, Practise, Practise.” Without practise we will not succeed.
building your essay writing capability


It is accurate to say that something you do more of and over and over, you are likely to master it. Similarly, academic essay writing is also something that calls for work and practice prior to a flawless draft surprising your professor. Some students who are gifted can write extended essays with out much trouble due to their innate capability. However, some students require to work incredibly hard to make their English academic writing acceptable.

Anyone can come up with high quality essay depending the efforts they put in. You can to! There is no magic stick that can make your English essays an overnight success.

Below are some valuable guidelines on building your essay writing capabilities, so you stand out. Think about them!

Create, Write and Create

  • write more,  and I mean much more. The much more you practice writing the better you will become. Initially, it will be tough, but with sincere dedication, you can make it without any doubt.
  • Make a habit of writing anything on a everyday basis. You can create articles about how you spend your time.
    What do you do on a daily basis?
    What is it that interests you?
    Write about your passions, likes and dislikes. For example, if you have passion for sports, write bout it. If you are into pets, write about the types of pets and your favorite pets. If you like gardening write about hydroponics.
  • Reading aids a lot when it comes to writing essays. The more you read the more ideas you will get, and you will be able to write essays with a lot more authority. Reading also provides you a lot of alternative topics.

Practise building your writing capability with these principal ideas.

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by Stephen E. Dew
TESOL Instructor and
Author Academic Writing Skills Series

ESL Homework Writing Assignment Ideas

ESL Homework Writing Assignment Ideas

An ESL homework writing assignment is frequent  in academic settings. Tutors and instructors use homework writing assignments to asses the student’s understanding in class and from class and develop a certain expertise among them. Here are some tips to proceed.

When you are faced with an ESL homework writing assignment, the very first issue you must do is follow the homework instructions. Study the directions carefully in order to understand what is required of you. When you have understood the question, you should have a good idea on how to proceed.

Most homework writing assignments require students to answer questions of what they have learnt in class, write an essay, or respond to a particular way or situation.

When writing your ESL homework writing assignment, you are also expected to write academically. Homework papers are as essential as other academic papers, and as a result, formal language must be used.

Numerous errors will decrease the quality of you homework paper. Thus, you should guarantee that there are no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors in your writing. It is also the expectation of your tutor that homework writing must reflect  your reasoning and not replicate another author’s ideas as this is plagiarism. Plagiarism is not acceptable when writing your homework and might attract critical penalties when found.

In addition, finishing off your ESL homework writing assignment may possibly  require you to conduct some kind of study. You must make sure that your homework questions have been effectively analyzed and presented in your paper through research.

At the AWS ESL Student Academy we have numerous courses for you to develop your academic English writing capabilities. We have a great free course on Summary writing which is another useful way to get the results for your ESL homework writing assignments.

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by Stephen E. Dew
TESOL Wiring Instructor and
Author Academic Writing Skills

How to Write Academic Essay Writing?

How to Write Academic Essay Writing?

An interesting article by ChimpLearnGood which explains the method of how to write academic essay writing over a large 2000 word, 8 paragraph essay. (Stephen E. Dew)

Write Academic Essay
An interesting article by ChimpLearnGood which explains the method of academic essay writing over a large 2000 word, 8 paragraph essay.

How to Write Academic Essay Writing?

Though, there is no challenging and quick rule about the standard way for essay writing, but here we will go over the feasible way for structuring the 2000 word academic essay. Academic essays are typically written to supply arguments, proves and affordable explanations that why A statement is greater than the B statement.

Now, let us appear on the formula for writing 2000 words academic essay writing .

For your assistance, we have divided the formula into eight paragraphs to show you how to write academic essay writing that will be consuming assumable 2000 words.


Very first paragraph

Writing academic essays are somewhat different from the rest of the essays however, the very first paragraph is of introduction like the rest. It starts with a tiny introduction about the topic nature which need to be followed by sturdier examples. The standard goal of the introduction would be to claim that will be proved in the coming academic essay. Moreover, you need to make sure that your academic essay is very clear and understanding with appropriate use of words and steer clear of making use of high pitch vocabulary for it would not help.

So, in academic essay introduction you should

1-Mention some points about the conclusion

2 -Supply a glimpse of what need to they anticipate in the physique paragraphs

3-Give a short description of the topic of your academic essay

4-Mention what is the issue.

Body paragraph:

Second and third paragraph:

Second paragraph will be supplying a theoretical overview about what ought to a reader except in the coming paragraphs, what is the aim of your academic essay writing? While the third paragraph would be consisting of your comments about the concern, you should determine the sources, mention what the authorities consider on the topic and also discuss what the causes of these issues are? And what are the feasible consequences etc. In a nutshell, craft these two paragraphs as such which shows a clear image of the topic and dilemma.

Fourth and fifth paragraph:

These two sections would be consisting of a detailed description about the topic incorporating the case research and empirical information. The little descriptions that have been illustrated in the introduction would be additional elaborated in these two paragraphs while you can also details from journal article to further improve the top quality of your academic essay.

Sixth and seventh paragraph:

Sixth and seventh paragraphs can be called as the critiques paragraphs for you will be delivering critical comments of what has been discussed but. This is exactly where you would be deciding whether you are going to talk about the current point or raise any option issues. At the finish , you would be attain the climax of the issue.


Eight paragraph:

Wrap up your perform in the conclusion by offering a statement that will connect back to the thesis statement, it will answer each and every query that was raised in the introduction and the physique paragraphs. In brief, you will be stating a short summary of complete academic essay .

Therefore, you need to know the distinction among an academic essay and other types of essays, follow the above told eight paragraph guideline and end up with a perfect academic essay.

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Express Teach – Learn English On the web: Academic Writing – Model Answer (Activity 1)

Express Teach – Understand English On the internet: Academic Writing – Model Answer (Job 1)

The line graphs show the sources of regional and world news in the UK more than a ten year period, from 1987 to 1997. 65% of individuals in the UK initially received their……
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Summary Writing Improves ESL Reading and Writing Skills

Summary Writing Improves English Reading and Writing skills

Your ESL students are working on their reading and writing skills, right? But you probably never seem to have enough time in class for both, especially when you…
Instapaper: Academic Writing Skills

Extract: FluentU English Educator Blog

How Does Summary Writing Improve Reading Comprehension?

Summary writing requires students to read more closely. Since they must read a text more than once to get a sense of the ideas presented, students will recognize and maintain more information than they would from just a single read.

The students need to ask questions while reading the text, which they’ll use to help them find answers as they read. As students read the text more closely, they’ll also take notes and search for the important points needed to write a summary.

This type of reading activity will help students see the relationship between ideas and improve their recognition of vocabulary through context.

If you can’t turn your students into active readers who enjoy reading books on their own, providing summary writing exercises in class will get them to read.

How Does Summary Writing Improve Writing Skills?

After students finish reading the text, they write a complete paragraph that captures the ideas presented in the text. The structure of a single-paragraph summary will help reinforce the structure students need to write paragraphs in their essays.

As your students write this paragraph, the structure of the original text—vocabulary and sentences—will influence their writing. They’ll be forced to write original sentences, but they can still imitate some of the structure.

If the students’ summary writing is too close to the original text, have them go back and rewrite the summary. Make sure it’s clear which words and phrases need to be changed to fit into a summary format.