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How to Write an Academic Essay for ESL Students

How to Write an Academic Essay for ESL Students

How to write an academic essayToo often, I hear that some ESL students are not coping with their numerous assignments for university and other classes like English writing classes, and as the result they receive lower grades than they expected. Therefore, I have decided to write a quick article on “How to Write an Academic Essay for ESL Students.” If you follow the instructions I have laid out on how to write an academic essay, you will succeed in improving your academic writing skills.

First, to be able to write an academic essay, you should pay attention in your English writing class. If you pay attention in your class, you will not have to study as much at home. Concentrate on the main points of the lesson and make notes.

Once your tutor or instructor has given you an assignment to write, start researching your subject. Gather any appropriate references and books related to your topic, go to a library, read newspaper articles, or even search the internet. Without this preparation, you will not be able to write an academic essay.

Note, when you write you need a strong introduction, with clear body and concise conclusion. These three points are the foundation of your work. So, to write an academic essay, work on the 3 key areas using your references and writing skills.


Your Introduction must present the main idea of the topic and get the readers attention. Always think of the audience when forming your introduction for your topic. Essay introduction includes some background information and a custom thesis statement. Moreover, find a quotation that will reflect all your ideas, and sum up everything that you want to say in an interesting way.

Don’t forget about the thesis statement as thesis statement indicates the point or points you will make in writing. The thesis statement should be either implied or stated. Remember a good thesis statement is the key to a good essay. Usually a  thesis statement is written in one or two perhaps sentences.

Body Paragraphs

Basic essay structure requires each individual paragraph to be focused on one main supporting  idea that supports the thesis statement. Your paragraphs should have a topic sentence which is like a mini thesis statement. Try to give as much explanation and proof for every piece of supporting detail in the paragraph.

Ensure that every paragraph is linked with cause and effect, negative and positive aspects, illustration and extension. This will help you to connect one paragraph with another. Use paragraph transition signals to achieve this coherence.

The concluding paragraph

You can finish your body paragraphs by restating the thesis statement in different words. However, a better way to finish with your conclusion is to summarize the main body points of  your writing by showing the evidence that you have used for your arguments which support your thesis statement at the beginning of the essay.

Finally, format your your work according to the basic academic writing structure. Make sure you polish your words by correcting grammar mistakes, ensure you maintain unity, and make sure your work is coherent.

In summary, knowing how to write an academic essay and understanding the main rules of English writing will help you to create an essay that will be worthy of praise. Essay writing is a academic skill which flows continuously from start to finish. Writing high-quality academic essays means providing a clear set of coherent ideas. Remember, successful structure of your ideas means you will appeal to the reader’s logic. If you want to learn more about how to write an academic essay then visit our website to review the eBook “Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills“, or click the link here to purchase our academic writing book from Amazon.

The ebook contains information on English academic essay writing skills pertaining to paragraph structure, sentence structure and academic essay writing process.

Watch this video to learn more about the academic writing skills. Essay academic writing is explained very well. You will be able to see the main steps on how to write an academic essay.