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AWS ESL Student Academy Courses

The AWS ESL Student Academy courses are based on author Stephen E. Dew’s Academic Writing Skills series. The book series is for developing and improving academic English writing skills for second language learners. The courses follow the books outline.

Each of the courses come with a course description which includes what each of the lessons outline, expected time frame of study, and of course a quiz. Some quizzes are automated and the answer is provided to you upon completion. Others take the form of written assessment which I check and grade. Your results progress can be seen in the student’s grade-sheet by entering your date of birth. Upon completion of the course, if you have been successful then a certificated of achievement is presented.

Take a look at courses and their outlines and choose one or all if you like and proceed to enroll.

Write your way to a BA with the AWS ESL Student Academy.

Journal Writing Skills for ELL Students

Course Description IEWAP-JWS: Journal Writing Skills for ELL Students

$ 0

Journal Writing Skills for ELL Students is an AWS ESL student tutorial on the benefits of dialog journals, and their use in our academic writing skills courses. Using a dialog journal is a mandatory requirement for all ELL students participating in AWS ESL student course tutorials.

summary writing skills pdf

Course Description IEWAP-SWS: Summary Writing Skills

$ 0

Summarizing is actually a precise technical skill. Therefore, not only will you improve your reading, vocabulary, critical thinking, and your writing and editing skills, you will develop essential skills for good summary writing.

English paragraph writing skills PDF

Course Description IEWAP-EPW: Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills

$ 12

In this course IEWAP-EPW, Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills, you will learn and develop the essential knowledge and skills such as paragraph format, structure, and outline, as well as sentence structure, sentence errors, capitalization, and punctuation to write an English paragraph.

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