Articles in English

Articles in English

For students who do not use articles in their mother tongue it is incredibly difficult to learn how to use articles in English correctly. Indeed, it is very difficult to teach them to use articles at all. This problem manifests itself in their academic writing, so I spend a lot of time teaching definite and indefinite articles in English.

In this article, I will explain the use of articles in English.

The basic rule of articles in English is that you should use an article in front of each noun. If you speak about something for the first time you should use the indefinite article A/AN. The article AN is used if the words starts with the letters A, I, O or E. If the word starts with U or H you have to pronounce the word. If the pronunciation does not start with /j/ or /h/ then the article AN is used again.

Articles in English

If we speak about the same thing again we use the article THE and it does not matter whether the thing is countable or uncountable.

Articles in English

Look at these examples above and complete the the sentences with the correct articles. You will find the answers under the reveal tab.

Articles in English quiz

____ Sun was shining brightly when Jane arrived at station. She got off and she went to ____ information desk and asked: “Could you tell, where ____ nearest pizzeria is?”

“It is not far from here. Go out of station, turn left and it is about 400 meters on _____ left.”

“Thank you,” said Jane and she started walking.

She quickly found ____ pizzeria and she went inside. There were very few people. There was ____ waiter and ____ man sitting in ____ corner. It was David Bourn. He was eating ____ slice of pizza, but when he saw Jane he stopped.

She came to him.

“Have you got ____ diamond?” he asked.

“Yes,” she smiled. She put her hand into ____ pocket and she took out ____ gun.

“Sorry, David. ____ Game is over. I am ____ policewoman and you are arrested.

Articles in English answers