English Writing Exercises for International Students

English Writing Exercises for International Students

The author wrote this mostly interactive English writing exercises workbooks for his English essay writing classes. It has more than 200 questions and answers on English grammar topics associated to developing good English essay writing skills.The questions are typical of those used in exams for an English diploma for university entrance. These exercises are practical exercises to help support his earlier three books:

  • “Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills – Paragraph essentials for ESL Students”
  • “Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills – Essay essentials for ESL Students”
  • “The 5 Step Essay Writing Process – English Essay Writing Skills for ESL Students”

The exercises develop different areas required for fluent and confident English essay writing. They include:

  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation: commas and apostrophes
  • Subject / Verb agreement
  • Sentence Structure: Simple, Compound, and Complex
  • Sentence errors: Fragments, Run ons, Comma splices
  • Sentence Combining
  • Appositives

In addition, as a bonus, the author has included an extra 50 bonus questions for a review at a latter date. Perhaps when exam time comes!

How to Use this Interactive Workbook

The questions are divided in to sections that are associated with different skill requirements for confident English essay writing. When you start at the first section, General Theory, you read the question, choose your answer, and click the link.

After the link has been clicked, you will immediately know if your answer choice was right or wrong. If the your answer was right, you’ll know straight away. There is a link with each correct answer to take you to the next question in each exercise. However, if your answer was wrong, you’ll be told so, and then you’ll have the opportunity to try again by clicking the return to question link. You can try 3 times before you move onto the next question.

English Writing Exercises PDF (vol 1)



  • One feature of English Writing Exercises includes Its portability. As an electronic academic English writing grammar workbook, it can be carried on your android or apple device to be used anywhere at anytime. Imagine needing this information at a tutoring lesson, group meeting, or group assignment when you are out and about.
  • With 4 years TESOL experience in practical Academic English writing, the author has managed to make himself clearly understood by his ESL students, so another great feature of his books is its clarity and understanding.
  • The basic academic essay writing skills  are all practically written with non-English speaking students in mind.
  • In addition to portability and ease of understanding, the best feature is you’ll develop the most practical essay writing you’ll ever need to write your way to a BA.

Apply the learning from this English Writing Grammar Workbook and you will:

  • Improve your basic academic writing knowledge.
  • Become a faster and stronger academic essay writer.
  • Show classmates how easy essay academic writing is.
  • Boost your self confidence in English academic essay writing.
  • Impress your professor at university or your lecturer in your regular English classes.
  • Look like a more professional Writer.

And best of all; Your grades will improve. And let’s face it. That’s what you want, isn’t it!

Watch the video, and decide where you want to start with ESL Essay Writing.

The author recommends ESL Students in low intermediate to low advanced English classes use this grammar workbook for developing their essay writing skills. As he said before, in his last book, “Academic essay writing is an essential skill for universities, colleges, and other tertiary educational institutions. English writing skills form a part of the assessment requirements of many courses at university, college, or even high school, so it is extremely important you can do all these kinds of exercises to become a competent English essay writer for university.”

English Writing Exercises for International Students

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