Academic Essay Writing: Organise Your Essay Writing

Academic Essay Writing: Organise Your Essay Writing

Step 2: Organise

Academic Essay Writing: Organise Your Essay WritingMost students tend to understand academic essay writing outlines, but they fail to recognize that doing an academic essay outline is actually a part of the organizing step 2 of the essay academic writing process. When you organize your pre-writing you follow these two sub steps.

First, you look at your list (or cluster) and group your ides logically. Circle ideas you want to use. Delete ideas you believe are unnecessary or are duplicated points. Sometimes your ideas may be better organised into a table with category headings, so that you can use the categories for your main academic ideas.

Once this part is completed, you do an outline. An English academic essay writing outline helps you organize or arrange your ideas in a logical order. In my example of building a house, first, you lay the foundations. Then you build the walls. Finally you add the roof. Your organization is the foundation of your essay. Outlines can be simple or detailed. When writing essays, I suggest you use a detailed outline.

practical academic essay writing skills practical academic essay writing skillsReferring to the figure in the section Essay Outline (detailed outline), the number of main supporting points can be more or less, and the amount of supporting detail can be more or less. It all depends on you, and how much you need to write. You may have no supporting detail for a particular main idea, or you may have five or six supporting sentences. The amount of detail is up to you!



When writing an academic essay outline include you paragraph transition signals and your supporting evidence. For instance, your examples, quotes, or facts and statistics you have found during academic research. Including this detail at this stage of the academic essay writing process will help when it comes to putting pen to paper in the next step.