Academic Essay Writing: What is a Self Edit?

Academic Essay Writing: What is a Self Edit?

Part two of the Revise and edit stage (step 4 in academic essay writing) is self edit. A self edit means you check your first draft for any errors. It’s like polishing your car. You make sure your essay is a polished piece of academic writing for others to read.

When you do your self check in English academic writing you should check for things like:


  • Is the title appropriate?
  • Have I use the rules of titles?

Essay and Paragraph Format

  • Is my essay and paragraph format correct?

Essay and Paragraph Organisation and Structure

  • Does my essay address the topic?
  • Do my paragraphs have a good topic sentence and concluding sentence?
  • Do my transition signals connect my ideas correctly?
  • Do my paragraph transition signals connect my paragraphs?
  • Do my examples to support my ideas?
  • Does my paragraph follow the rules of unity and coherence?

Grammar and Sentence Structure

  • Do I have any sentence errors?
  • Have I used a combination of sentence types like simple, compound, and complex?
  • Have I varied sentence openings by using some prepositional phrases or dependent clauses?

Punctuation and Capitalization

  • Have I used a period, question mark, or exclamation mark at the end of each sentence?
  • Have I used commas according to the commas rules?
  • Have I used capitals correctly?
  • Is my spelling correct?
  • Have I used reported speech correctly?

And finally, you should also check or add any academic cited sources that you have used for your supporting evidence.

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English academic writing requires that these two phase of the academic essay writing process be completed. With out doing the revise and edit stage of the academic writing skills process, you will appear as week and incompetent writer.

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