Academic Essay Writing: How to Write your First Draft

Academic Essay Writing: How to Write your First Draft

Step 3: Write Your First Draft

Academic Essay Writing: How to Write your First DraftStep 3 is where you put pen to paper. This will be your first draft. In this step you follow your outline to write your first draft. Write it as quickly as possible, and don’t worry about too many mistakes. It’s ok to make some mistakes at this stage because after all, it is only a draft.


You will fix any errors you make in the next step. At this stage, it is perfectly acceptable to add any new ideas you think of.

To help you understand a little more, when writing an academic essays or other types of essay academic writing, chunk you time. What do I mean? I mean write in blocks of time, so you don’t get confused or burnt out. In brief, plan your pen to paper time for larger academic essay writing assignments.

You begin by writing academic essays with general statements that lead to your thesis statement. Then start on your paragraphs making sure you use transition signals within the paragraph and between paragraphs. Pay attention to the rules of unity, coherence, and parallelism. Add varying sentence openings outlined in Varying Sentence Openings. Then finally, finish off by using general statements in your concluding paragraph, and write your concluding sentence(s). Don’t forget to add a final thought if you want to.

When writing academic paragraphs for essays, you must provide supporting evidence to prove your point. For example, in opinion essays, you must be able to convince the reader that that your opinion is the right one. Your academic essay may help them to change their mind. Another example is in definition paragraphs where you may be required to explain something. So, don’t forget to add your examples from your outline into your essay, and ensure you cite your references as well.

Also note, when you have finished your first draft, you may need to write a second draft if you want a great essay. I sometimes do this for larger essay academic writing if I want the perfect academic essay. You too could try this to see if your results improve.

This a great video on penning your first draft:



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