Develop clarity in your writing

Develop clarity in your writing

The best way to develop clarity in your writing is to PLAN. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning your work and organising your thoughts, so you won’t wander off from the main intention of your essay. I would recommend applying the fact-finding concept that many professionals, from authors to business planners, use to create some form of direction in their work.

develop clarity in your writing

So the first question you need to ask yourself when planning is “What do you want to convey to your audience?” Sit yourself down with a hot cup of tea and write yourself an outline. Imagine building a house on a pile of sand that’s bound to dissolve anytime. That house will probably only last a couple of hours. To build a sturdy house, you need a good foundation. That’s what a plan really is. It is the foundation of your essay or article.

Your outline does not have to be long. It could be a few bullet points that state exactly what issue or problem you would like to address and how your essay can provide a solution to that problem. The outline is especially important because it will help your essay grow, paragraph by paragraph, and keep you from wandering off topic.

Of course, choosing or formulating the exact title of your work will serve exactly the same purpose. Let’s take the example of a title which is, “The 5  Step Essay Writing Process“. The writer will have to refer to the controlling idea of the topic each time he or is about to start on a new paragraph to make sure that he is on the right track. Thus, he will stay focused and achieve the wanted results.

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