English Writing Skills

English Writing Skills

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One of the problems with the English language is that English writing skills are so difficult to learn. There are a number of words that sound exactly the same but mean something completely different and are spelled differently. At the same time, you have words that are spelled the same but can be pronounced in two ways. It is no wonder why those who learn English as a second language struggle. In fact, even those who have it as a first language struggle a lot of the time and only really learn about tenses and vocabulary until they learn a second language.So, the first problem of the English language is the many different words are so different. Take ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’ for instance, they all sound the same. However, the three words have a completely different meaning. ‘Their’ is used when talking about something that belongs to something, such as ‘their home’. ‘There’ means a place, such as ‘over there.’ ‘They’re’ is a shortened version of ‘they are’. There are many other words that are pronounced the same.The second is those words that are spelt the same way but have two different meanings. ‘Read’ and ‘read’ is just one of many examples of this. It can be pronounced in the present tense, such as “I suggest that you read this” or it can be pronounced in the past tense, “I read a book last week”.

The words are not the only problem when writing in English. You also develop your English writing skills, and you need to think about grammar, paragraphing and punctuation. There are many tricks to learn to make a sentence run smoothly and there is such a thing as too many commas.

The comma (, ) is one of the most used pieces of punctuation, along with the period (.). However, both of these do not need to be used because the semi-colon (;) can be used in their places. The semi-colon helps to separate run in sentences and should be used when a second sentence starts with a noun but could be included in the same sentence as before. You also need to think about grammar, punctuation and paragraphing.

Paragraphs are used to split up topics. When writing, you should consider whether something is moving onto a new subject. If it is, it looks better to be put into a new paragraph so that the reader sees the break and realizes that a new topic is going to be spoken about. This way, the reader does not feel like they are reading a lot of information in one go and are not confused when they are on a whole new subject.

One of the hardest parts of grammar is the tense that you are writing in. Many people struggle with this and tend to chop and change between tenses. This will read strangely and will be very confusing for the reader, while also looking scruffy. While writing, you should keep writing and then proofread afterwards, which is a quicker way of doing it. Once you do finish writing, take a short break and then put your proofreading cap on and check to make sure that all your tenses are the same. You will need to make the decision over which tense you are writing in from the start.

There are many English writing skills to learn and just too many to put into one article. If you are planning on writing, it is always worth looking online for some free skill courses or tips so that you can be sure that your article will look professional and well-written.