Use Academic English Writing Process Skills for Business Reports

Academic English Writing Process Skills for Business Reports

academic English writing process skillsGood Academic English Writing Process Skills are not only for essays, but also for use in companies. For example, creating a business report would follow the 5 step English writing process as well.
Usually an essay is the norm for most exams and term papers; However, sometimes a student may be asked to write a business style report for an exam. In fact, a business report is related to essay writing because the author must have a clear argument and is written in an academic format following the English writing process. The uses of essay and business reports may vary, but the format, structure, and academic English writing skills used are similar.

Some key tips for you in writing a business report are:

  • Decide on the aim of a report, as this will affect the way the topic is researched. You should ask yourself “what is the scope of the report?” and “what is the question being asked that you need to take into account?
  • Now you need to think about the research stage. After the goal of the business report is understood, the author has to decide which method to use to get and analysis the related information. The recommendation of the business is based upon the data gathered, so make sure you have enough information to analyse and prove your argument.
  • Finally create the business report.
  • Key areas in the report should include the Introduction, Findings, Analysis, Suggestions, Conclusions, Executive Summary, and Notes in an appendix.

The executive summary is usually written after you have completed the rest of the business report, even though this is the 1st section of the report. In essence it is a summary of the rest of the rest of the report and is best written last.

Sections to include in a business report:

  • The Executive Summary is a brief summation up of the complete report. The executive summary must tell the reader what is in the report and the an round conclusion. This is how the reader will decide if they want. to read the rest of the business report.
  • The introduction tells the reader background information they will need on the topic or field of study.This is where you should include a headline, figures, and any key definitions.
  • Findings and Evaluation is broadly speaking the analysis results. Here detailed data should be given of any analysis conducted. In addition, you should not only state the final result of the investigation but also give some comments and opinion of your findings.
  • Suggestions and Conclusions can be written either separately or rolled into one section. The aim of most business reports is to recommend some kind of improvement or a provided course of action. Therefore, this section section must show logical arguments and recommended actions. The suggestions and conclusions should be tied facts gathered during the investigation.
  • An appendix is used so the author can provide detail which is unnecessary but nice to have. If an item is necessary for the reader to understand, then it should not be in an appendix. Appendices are usually used for large pieces of data, graphs, and other research material which may not important to the reader.

To summarize, writing a business report is really no different to an essay. You should use the same academic English writing process skills you learnt in your academic English writing classes.
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