LESSON 5: IEWAP-SWS: Conclusion and Final Assesment

Lesson 5: Summary Writing Skills


By following this basic summary writing process, you will improve your summary writing skills, your reading comprehension skills, and your writing skills, while providing necessary skills that will carry over into your future education. Universities and colleges with online writing resources will always have a page for writing summaries, but some of the resources make better reading, teaching, and reference material than others. In my summary writing guide, I have tried to outline the process of summary writing for ESL students to understand and implement. If you don’t understand or follow this process, you will have difficulty in improving your writing skills, reading comprehension skills, vocabulary skills, and deductive reasoning skills.

It’s a simple step by step process that ESL students can learn and follow to help them with their English academic writing skills.

Summary writing checklist

Reporting verbs

Final Assessment: For your final assessment, please create a summary of no more than 120 words describing “The ways to solve the problems of putting young children to bed.”


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Improve academic English writing skills for second language learners