Articles in English

Welcome to your Articles in English Quiz

1) sun was shining brightly when Jane arrived at station.
2) She got off and she went to  information desk and asked:
3) “Could you tell, where  nearest pizzeria is?”
4) “It is not far from here. Go out of station, turn left and it is about 400 meters on left.”

“Thank you,” said Jane and she started walking.
5) She quickly found  pizzeria and she went inside. There were very few people.
6) There was  waiter and a man sitting in the corner.
7) It was David Bourn.

He was eating  slice of pizza, but when he saw Jane he stopped.
8) She came to him.

“Have you got  diamond?” he asked.
9) “Yes,” she smiled.

She put her hand into her pocket and she took out gun.
10) “Sorry, David.  game is over.
11) I am policewoman and you are under arrest.