Parallel Structure Quiz

Welcome to your Parallel Structure Quiz

1) When I was young, I loved to play in the rain, skip down the street, and _____ against the wind
2) I still enjoy playing in the rain, skipping down the street, and _____ against the wind.
3) Mealea danced a dance and then _____ a song that took my breath away.
4) Mealea said she wanted to dance a dance and _____ a song that would take my breath away.
5) The children spent the afternoon playing party games, watching comedy DVD’s, and _____ birthday cake.
6) If you want to learn how to play games, watch DVD’s, or _____ cake, spend an afternoon with my children’s day their friends.
7) To make the best ham sandwich, begin by toasting two pieces of wholemeal bread and _____ a sweet onion.
8) I spread my time between my writing and my _____
9) Giving is better than _____.
10) It is better to give than _____.